Some 3D Print Works and Artists

A list of some 3D printed works

Bear on Stairs by DBLG(London) 

Stop motion 3D printed bear on stairs by DBLG, a studio in London. The video can be seen here.

Digital Grotesque by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger

a 16 meter cube that’s beautifully adorned to look like a mystical and beautifully detailed interior. Read about it here.

Wearable 3D prints by Neri Oxman 

Mushtari is one of the prints this artist has made. The wearable 3D works are “inspired and personalized based on natural growth” according to this article. There are 3 other works shown in the article link.

Replicants by Lorna Bradshaw

Three 3D painted self portraits that goes though different means of processing and yields differing results.

For more 3D print artists please refer to the following links


Augmented Body Project Notes 1

Before beginning the process of figuring out which to specifically what I want to place on my body as a what if project, it’s noted there are some questions I should place on what basic enhancements I wish to put, what features I found rather interesting to look at rather than to, and finally any final bits and pieces I’d like to add, will I go with something that’s advanced human or abstract away from being human. 

Eyes (Desire for a sharper vision, something that doesn’t require contacts, but to pick which direction I’d go for and will I stop at just a sharper vision or a vision capable of transferring every image I see straight to the memory portion of my brain.) 
Sharper vision could equate to eagle eyes (long distance), Chameleon (To look in more than one direction), Four eyed fish structure (Really it’s two pairs of eyes separated by a band of tissue with each half having a pupil of its own that enable it to see perfectly above and below water.) 

Vision that could transfer information if not to your brain then to your computer or phone, I believe if there’s a way to transfer vision from your eyes through a specialized contact lens for eyes and an button to truly capture the picture which would then send the visual data to something similar to Eyefi Technology which would then transfer that information directly to your computer, or cloud storage. 
Image extractions from the brain to something
Image extractions vid thing yeah


Steel plating over vital areas. Natural built in bulletproof skin (More research later) 


Mannequin joints? Cyber joints? Replace certain weak joints with reinforced yet flexible steel like material? Not completely sure if I want to mess with the joints too much here.

Definitely stronger arms or rather I really want to reinforce wrists so I dont feel as much pain, possibly bionic wrists or wrists of sturdy firm, rubbery material. Note to research on that 
What if Ape arms… No no ape arms. 
Praying Mantis reflexes in arms… 
Spider arms. 

Rockets mini rockets, I’m gonna fly. 

Lego proof. 

Not completely evident in function.

Scanner bed hands, transfers books to computer as pdf files to read later. 
USB fingers
Phone Tattoo
Silcon Silk Electronics

I’ll sort through all this later.