Robot Project. First stage, Last Stage

Screenshot_2014-12-13-21-09-58-1 Screenshot_2014-12-13-21-08-34-1

On the last day of the robot project, the class was given instructions to make a simple wobbler robot with basic materials, then expand upon that with the materials that we brought in to advance that particular robot. The first picture shows the wobbler with the general materials provided with two motors, a box, and an empty battery pack. The second picture displays the same robot only with two bottles attached at the side, a slinky that’s been cut in half and attached at both ends, and inside each bottle are bits of wires to give it some sound.

The project itself did show a good intro to making robots and provided a lot of insight into more mediums that could be utilized in conjunction with what we’ve been learning in class.

To see both in motion

First Robot

With modifications