Some 3D Print Works and Artists

A list of some 3D printed works

Bear on Stairs by DBLG(London) 

Stop motion 3D printed bear on stairs by DBLG, a studio in London. The video can be seen here.

Digital Grotesque by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger

a 16 meter cube that’s beautifully adorned to look like a mystical and beautifully detailed interior. Read about it here.

Wearable 3D prints by Neri Oxman 

Mushtari is one of the prints this artist has made. The wearable 3D works are “inspired and personalized based on natural growth” according to this article. There are 3 other works shown in the article link.

Replicants by Lorna Bradshaw

Three 3D painted self portraits that goes though different means of processing and yields differing results.

For more 3D print artists please refer to the following links