Additional Outside Event. YBCA Galleries

YBCA Galleries Attended November 15th 2014

701 Mission St. At 3rd

Exhibits Alien SHE  and Landscape: the virtual, the actual, the possible

Summary of visit to Alien SHE: I took this recommendation from my classmate to visit the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and found out that it was about the impact of a movement called Riot Grrrl and was a punk feminist movement that was very thought provoking in many ways on the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia in an extremely close and a very in your face kind of impact theses works had. Some of my favorites were ‘Mom Knows Now’ by LJ Roberts, a pink crocheted flag with a picture of where it was hung that reminded me strongly of our culture jam project accompanied by a pink crocheted fence that was they didn’t let us in or didn’t let us out (?), I can’t recall the exact title to be honest. The other work I definitely liked was presented along with a series of videos with audios called Horror story, sadly I didn’t get to write down the artist’s name, but it was a well timed video with a woman telling a story about her crazy uncle and held quite a bit of suspense about it.

Summary of Landscape: The virtual, the actual, the possible exhibition

I’ll admit that this exhibit held one of my favorite pieces, although my favorite pieces are generally accompanied with movement or audio movement, ‘Vanishing point’ was a series of 5 screens that told an abstract narrative with various scenes that relate with each other and text would appear on each screen in a somewhat random to structured to random order that would tell a story and had a voice of its own as if the piece itself were a person thinking back on the curiosities of life then going into a casual apologetic tone. The other piece was by Tsang kin wah ‘ We must draw the line somewhere you know’ text on the floor leading down a small hallway from the landscape exhibit back to alien she, sound that seemed welcoming and gentle, the window showing the street, it was a very light hearted piece.


Outside Event. Gorgeous and Roads to Arabia Exhibition

Gorgeous and Roads to Arabia

Both attended on  the Saturday mornings that I volunteered, the Gorgeous Exhibit was a joint exhibit done with the Asian Art Museum and SFMoma to place in 4 different room Modern art and Arts of Antiquity from Asia together as forms of parallels to relate things from antiquity and things with modern art to each other or held similar themes to each other in order to compliment one another while being extremely unorthodox. To challenge what is gorgeous and what is not, or general standards of one movement to the other. What is art in the face of another time period. The two pieces that I did enjoy the most were the Beaded curtain, a curtain of beads that separated the second room and could be moved by the people who pass through, and the glass chair, a chair made of plastic that rather than being light and delicate, was actually very heavy and contradicted its initial image.

At the Roads to Arabia exhibit that featured recently (40-60 years give or take) discovered artifacts, there were many interesting pieces that I would highly recommend going to see, one of the pieces was a statue of a man’s head and looked like a mixture of european and asian art meshed into one piece, intricate doors and odd sorts of tombstones that were beautifully ornate on not just the front but the back portion.

Outside Event. October 2nd

Instructables Tour 10/2/14
Guide: Jonathan Odom

Class trip to see an Artist in Residence program that gave a view on another opportunity available to artists and see artists hard at work using the programs provided by Instructables and provide an outlook on the kind of community that the artists form near each other. The tour definitely did show the various mediums used and programs that artists used in order to achieve different projects, I remember while there, there was a man who was making artificial arms for small children that looked a bit like toys with 3D print materials, another person had made a swinging meeting table, there was a wall of ideas (a humorous suggestion was instead of flower petals, throw legos at a wedding), some beautiful sketches of animals mixed with household appliances, and various chairs of all kinds some practical and some impractical. The tools on hand did vary from Color, Black and White 3D printers, various kinds of materials that were 3D printed, paper that could be sculpted after coming out in bulk, Maya, PS, Illustrator, AutoCad, Large machines that could cut from Wood to Metal and not so large machines. It was a very interesting experience and I would highly recommend checking out an artist in residency program and applying for it.

Outside Event. AlterSpace Exhibit August 28th

Alterspace Gallery : Soundwave ((6)) Waterworld
Attended on 8/29/14 @1158 Howard Street, San Francisco

From my other class Art 412, my teacher who was an artist for this exhibition in the Alterspace Gallery, Jeff Ray, had invited the class and given a talk/tour on the pieces displayed. My teacher’s piece had been named ‘Ark and Surroundings’ which was a series of pieces where he had made a boat that doubled as an organ which would send sound signals below it into a body of water (It actually worked too however I wasn’t there for his performance the next day). Accompanying the boat were several sound pieces that did contain the sounds it made as well as other additional sounds which he made to set the scene for his setting, the setting being that in a post-apocalyptic world, boats and floating structures would be the only living structures humans could survive on and so on so forth. The sounds were accompanied with pictures of boats or places with the sea in it to really capture the scene.

Two other works that caught my attention was ‘Sirens’ by Reenie Charrière’s, where these dressy figures that had representative seaweed hanging around made entirely of plastic found from all over the world really spoke to me on the increasing levels of plastic found in our oceans and the faint sounds which accompanied it only served to draw me in during that time.

Jean Tarantino’s Imagination Water Change was the other piece that grasped my attention during that time where a series of recorded voices are hung up like a drape and everytime someone comes close to one of the lines of speakers, the speakers would activate and tell the viewers in varying voices while moving back and forth what they think water is. The piece really showed various perspectives on the same subject and had been an incredibly engaging experience.

Some 3D Print Works and Artists

A list of some 3D printed works

Bear on Stairs by DBLG(London) 

Stop motion 3D printed bear on stairs by DBLG, a studio in London. The video can be seen here.

Digital Grotesque by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger

a 16 meter cube that’s beautifully adorned to look like a mystical and beautifully detailed interior. Read about it here.

Wearable 3D prints by Neri Oxman 

Mushtari is one of the prints this artist has made. The wearable 3D works are “inspired and personalized based on natural growth” according to this article. There are 3 other works shown in the article link.

Replicants by Lorna Bradshaw

Three 3D painted self portraits that goes though different means of processing and yields differing results.

For more 3D print artists please refer to the following links

3D Final Product. A Memento From Moonbase Alpha


The 3D Printing project was quite an experience, modeling, calculating the time in makerbot, watching the process and having discussions on the subject of the possibilities and future of 3D printing. The model is named “A Memento from Moon Base Alpha”, quick information on a game called Moon Base Alpha, free space simulator that can be found on STEAM. Moon Base Alpha is a game where a player, or a group of players, pretend they’re an astronaut, communicating with each other while travelling the lunar landscape, the basic form of communication between players is a text to speech program that holds a large potential to yield extremely amusing results. One of the most infamous memes regarding this game has to do with typing a series of UUUUUUUs into the text to speech box and hearing the robotic voice attempt to form a proper coheren’t reply.

Base information aside, this piece was made in tinker CAD, and had gone through Makerbot and took approximately 45 minutes to an hour to make on the 3D printer. “A Memento from Moon Base Alpha” is a souvenir from a time where myself and a few friends had enough free time to get together and played games. Where the atmosphere of a small community of people making memories and sharing lighthearted laughs while exchanging meaningful topics regarding the game’s interface and how we communicate with each other. During the days of Moon Base Alpha, my friends Noah, Matt, Zenzen, and sometimes Maria, we talked about how many people are fascinated with the unknown, with space as a large unknown that although we wish to delve deeper into the unknown, we do not actually want to be in the unknown where there are risks or go through the training to get there. The way the text to speech program gives a person a somewhat robotic feel, yet can convey who’s the one typing based on what is being typed and that despite the game being a fictional format and distanced reality, it is in fact derived from reality that can’t exactly be dismissed as being completely false or completely fake. Then, all four of us started talking about Pop art, pop art was a very popular topic during the Moon Base Alpha sessions, where you can take actual objects such as Campbells Soup cans or cereal boxes and put them, mass produce them on a canvas and tell people this is not real, but it is derived from reality. The images on the Television isn’t real, as in currently present in a person’s living room actually acting out a sitcom in that given space kinda real, but it is real in another place, just not where we’re viewing it from. Digressing, the significance of this topic is that, this souvenir may not look like much to many others until the history behind it is told that the souvenir is a simplified construct of one of the machines from the game and a piece that is both a partial reality given solid form, and a representative object that is derived from reality.

In Response to “As We May Think” – Vannevar Bush

The future is a concept that many people ponder over, think over, the sheer fact that since the time of Vannevar Bush to the point of now, the advancement of technology, society, humanity in itself has come to a point where if placed into a line of simple sentences one sentence after another, the level of improvement and comfort we have achieved in our lives is frightening. Vannevar Bush was a man who certainly thought ahead of his time, he was a man of the future, he saw human beings advancing, but I suppose even then if he saw people now, it’d go beyond his expectations in a short amount of time.

He talks about typewriters and microphotography, wet photography, the Encyclopedia Britannica being reduced to the mere matchbox size or a library of a million volumes compressed at one end of a desk, the device called a Voder that could record what a person says in another code through a stenotype then retranslates into readable language. All of these things that he talked about, that he said would develop became much more than what was originally predicted to be.

Typewriters? Obsolete, invalid, mere novelties now replaced with keyboards attached to laptops that did not require white out, that would type in straight lines and customizable fonts, where some keyboards would appear as thin as a credit card and rolls up portably to accompany a tablet.

Microphotography, dry photography, wet photography, all pale in comparison to digital photography, adjustable, able to crop, redefine, clearer details, and other additions that those forms of photography did not possess before, now advanced.

Encyclopedia Britannica the size of a matchbox, not just Encyclopedia Britannica, the entire classical library, dictionaries, language classes, as many books as one’s data space allows in a phone, now a reality and able to do much more than just contain books, call, search, play games, things that Vannevar had he been alive today would not have seen coming.

The Voder, a machine that can record what you can say at first in code then understandable language. Three words. Speech to Text. Computers have developed the capability of interpreting human speech and can be adjusted to take in various language quirks and accents.

That aside from talking about the amazing thing about people and human beings in general, this post must move on to the predictions.

#1  Virtual Reality being the precursor to distance and Displaced Reality

That Virtual Reality gives a concept of false reality in another realm, but future technology and the development on Haptic Interfaces can make the Virtual in another setting feel very real, that there are gloves where one can stimulate touch even if you aren’t actually touching it, robots on the moon where people can move around and pick up things, sounds you can hear at a distance and things you can taste or smell by sheer concept. Like a Matrix esque world in a sense only it isn’t in a Virtual space, but rather in another area on the same reality.

#2 Nanobots advancements in health in a pill

As the title states, the idea of nanobots in a pill going into a person’s body to observe and attempt to cure this person of any deadly diseases.

#3 3D printing advancements

Machines either become bigger or smaller, either way it starts to open up more concepts and materials in constructions and development of new buildings through a concept design made into reality, structured and made into something new that wouldn’t normally be capable by human hands or any of our other machines.