Some 3D Print Works and Artists

A list of some 3D printed works

Bear on Stairs by DBLG(London) 

Stop motion 3D printed bear on stairs by DBLG, a studio in London. The video can be seen here.

Digital Grotesque by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger

a 16 meter cube that’s beautifully adorned to look like a mystical and beautifully detailed interior. Read about it here.

Wearable 3D prints by Neri Oxman 

Mushtari is one of the prints this artist has made. The wearable 3D works are “inspired and personalized based on natural growth” according to this article. There are 3 other works shown in the article link.

Replicants by Lorna Bradshaw

Three 3D painted self portraits that goes though different means of processing and yields differing results.

For more 3D print artists please refer to the following links


3D Final Product. A Memento From Moonbase Alpha


The 3D Printing project was quite an experience, modeling, calculating the time in makerbot, watching the process and having discussions on the subject of the possibilities and future of 3D printing. The model is named “A Memento from Moon Base Alpha”, quick information on a game called Moon Base Alpha, free space simulator that can be found on STEAM. Moon Base Alpha is a game where a player, or a group of players, pretend they’re an astronaut, communicating with each other while travelling the lunar landscape, the basic form of communication between players is a text to speech program that holds a large potential to yield extremely amusing results. One of the most infamous memes regarding this game has to do with typing a series of UUUUUUUs into the text to speech box and hearing the robotic voice attempt to form a proper coheren’t reply.

Base information aside, this piece was made in tinker CAD, and had gone through Makerbot and took approximately 45 minutes to an hour to make on the 3D printer. “A Memento from Moon Base Alpha” is a souvenir from a time where myself and a few friends had enough free time to get together and played games. Where the atmosphere of a small community of people making memories and sharing lighthearted laughs while exchanging meaningful topics regarding the game’s interface and how we communicate with each other. During the days of Moon Base Alpha, my friends Noah, Matt, Zenzen, and sometimes Maria, we talked about how many people are fascinated with the unknown, with space as a large unknown that although we wish to delve deeper into the unknown, we do not actually want to be in the unknown where there are risks or go through the training to get there. The way the text to speech program gives a person a somewhat robotic feel, yet can convey who’s the one typing based on what is being typed and that despite the game being a fictional format and distanced reality, it is in fact derived from reality that can’t exactly be dismissed as being completely false or completely fake. Then, all four of us started talking about Pop art, pop art was a very popular topic during the Moon Base Alpha sessions, where you can take actual objects such as Campbells Soup cans or cereal boxes and put them, mass produce them on a canvas and tell people this is not real, but it is derived from reality. The images on the Television isn’t real, as in currently present in a person’s living room actually acting out a sitcom in that given space kinda real, but it is real in another place, just not where we’re viewing it from. Digressing, the significance of this topic is that, this souvenir may not look like much to many others until the history behind it is told that the souvenir is a simplified construct of one of the machines from the game and a piece that is both a partial reality given solid form, and a representative object that is derived from reality.