Overall Evaluation of my Progress during Conceptual Strategies

I did learn quite a bit during my time in this class, I wish I could have done better about my late attendance and had notified on the days I was sick, regardless I still feel as if I took away quite a bit from the class and had explored a few new materials that I normally wouldn’t have thought of exploring such as Robotics and 3D print and some photo manipulation.

Summary of the Augmented Body Project: 

I was honestly at a loss of what to do with this project at first, it did tie in later on near the ending of when it was completed, though I wish I found out my intent or focus a lot earlier. Personally, the project felt sloppy on my end, and if I could change it, I would have executed its presentation a bit better for it. However, from it I did gain a general theme idea that I could expand upon and intend on expanding upon, I’m not sure if I would expand upon it in the same way that we did in class such as photo manipulation, but I would like to mix it with other techniques that I learned in and out of class.

Summary of Culture Jamming: 

There’s a general problem I had with trying to focus my ideas into one thing that I’d be satisfied with and simplifying the ideas. I knew what I wanted to do and what message I wanted to convey, but the part where I had to put it out in public and try to record it still made me a tad bit nervous. It was a really great experience however, and expanded more topics on the idea of artist and exposure, artist and messages to the world, setting, place, time, intent, I liked this portion impact wise but found it to be the most difficult part of the semester because of the mass potential it held.

Summary of 3D print Project:

Second favorite portion of this entire semester, the process and conversation during this part as well as mixed media research found during this time yielded to a slew of ideas and topics regarding materials and process. The one thing I wish for was more time with this portion and possibly working with larger scale projects. I loved the result of his project the most out of all the projects done in class, mainly because when I did show it to the people it had been intended for, we fell into a discussion about Moon Base Alpha and everything we talked about then. The end result playing out as a proper souvenir of that time and fictional place that we had been in.

Summary of Robotics:

First favorite and regrettably the shortest portion of the entire semester, my favoritism towards robotics comes hand in hand with my love for hands on projects and building things into a solid functioning piece. Even if my final product was a machine of futility that only served to remind me of a time where I had once taken on too many projects one year and had rendered myself near immovable, walking in circles at a snails pace and getting in everyone’s way, I felt somewhat proud of it. Sadly I should have thought out the modifications more, my original plan had flopped, I didn’t count in the factor of weight or strength of the motors or even potential problems with the battery, maybe a few more practical materials would have helped me and more preplanning . Overall, the amount of fun and trial and error that had occurred during this portion does have me leaning a little more towards robotics in the future.

New ideas developed:

Several new ideas developed occurred during my time in this class, many of them involving mixed media and considering the idea of delving further into robotics, maybe mixing it with some woodshop I used to do. Many topics course through my mind, many listed down, but one of the ideas I do want to further develop later on and has to do with my final final project is partially derived from an essay I read called “Sexism in English: Embodiment and Language” by Allen Pace Nilsen, which is one part of the series and another essay ‘Censorship Wins out’ by Andrew Stroehlein and ‘A Flood of Pseudo-Events’ by Daniel Boorstin, the hints are that the projects I want to work with have to do with a series of values and words, ideas and language, what language plays in our lives or rather communication with language and its influence.

Further Areas of pursuit

Possibly thinking of delving a bit more into photomanipulating and photobashing

Definitely Robotics is an area I do want to look into and some illustrator, debating on whether or not I should really delve into 3D print now or much later.

Overall, I learned a lot from this class and had some great experiences with it.