Outside Event. October 2nd

Instructables Tour 10/2/14
Guide: Jonathan Odom

Class trip to see an Artist in Residence program that gave a view on another opportunity available to artists and see artists hard at work using the programs provided by Instructables and provide an outlook on the kind of community that the artists form near each other. The tour definitely did show the various mediums used and programs that artists used in order to achieve different projects, I remember while there, there was a man who was making artificial arms for small children that looked a bit like toys with 3D print materials, another person had made a swinging meeting table, there was a wall of ideas (a humorous suggestion was instead of flower petals, throw legos at a wedding), some beautiful sketches of animals mixed with household appliances, and various chairs of all kinds some practical and some impractical. The tools on hand did vary from Color, Black and White 3D printers, various kinds of materials that were 3D printed, paper that could be sculpted after coming out in bulk, Maya, PS, Illustrator, AutoCad, Large machines that could cut from Wood to Metal and not so large machines. It was a very interesting experience and I would highly recommend checking out an artist in residency program and applying for it.


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