Outside Event. Gorgeous and Roads to Arabia Exhibition

Gorgeous and Roads to Arabia

Both attended on  the Saturday mornings that I volunteered, the Gorgeous Exhibit was a joint exhibit done with the Asian Art Museum and SFMoma to place in 4 different room Modern art and Arts of Antiquity from Asia together as forms of parallels to relate things from antiquity and things with modern art to each other or held similar themes to each other in order to compliment one another while being extremely unorthodox. To challenge what is gorgeous and what is not, or general standards of one movement to the other. What is art in the face of another time period. The two pieces that I did enjoy the most were the Beaded curtain, a curtain of beads that separated the second room and could be moved by the people who pass through, and the glass chair, a chair made of plastic that rather than being light and delicate, was actually very heavy and contradicted its initial image.

At the Roads to Arabia exhibit that featured recently (40-60 years give or take) discovered artifacts, there were many interesting pieces that I would highly recommend going to see, one of the pieces was a statue of a man’s head and looked like a mixture of european and asian art meshed into one piece, intricate doors and odd sorts of tombstones that were beautifully ornate on not just the front but the back portion.


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