Outside Event. AlterSpace Exhibit August 28th

Alterspace Gallery : Soundwave ((6)) Waterworld
Attended on 8/29/14 @1158 Howard Street, San Francisco

From my other class Art 412, my teacher who was an artist for this exhibition in the Alterspace Gallery, Jeff Ray, had invited the class and given a talk/tour on the pieces displayed. My teacher’s piece had been named ‘Ark and Surroundings’ which was a series of pieces where he had made a boat that doubled as an organ which would send sound signals below it into a body of water (It actually worked too however I wasn’t there for his performance the next day). Accompanying the boat were several sound pieces that did contain the sounds it made as well as other additional sounds which he made to set the scene for his setting, the setting being that in a post-apocalyptic world, boats and floating structures would be the only living structures humans could survive on and so on so forth. The sounds were accompanied with pictures of boats or places with the sea in it to really capture the scene.

Two other works that caught my attention was ‘Sirens’ by Reenie Charrière’s, where these dressy figures that had representative seaweed hanging around made entirely of plastic found from all over the world really spoke to me on the increasing levels of plastic found in our oceans and the faint sounds which accompanied it only served to draw me in during that time.

Jean Tarantino’s Imagination Water Change was the other piece that grasped my attention during that time where a series of recorded voices are hung up like a drape and everytime someone comes close to one of the lines of speakers, the speakers would activate and tell the viewers in varying voices while moving back and forth what they think water is. The piece really showed various perspectives on the same subject and had been an incredibly engaging experience.


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