Additional Outside Event. YBCA Galleries

YBCA Galleries Attended November 15th 2014

701 Mission St. At 3rd

Exhibits Alien SHE  and Landscape: the virtual, the actual, the possible

Summary of visit to Alien SHE: I took this recommendation from my classmate to visit the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and found out that it was about the impact of a movement called Riot Grrrl and was a punk feminist movement that was very thought provoking in many ways on the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia in an extremely close and a very in your face kind of impact theses works had. Some of my favorites were ‘Mom Knows Now’ by LJ Roberts, a pink crocheted flag with a picture of where it was hung that reminded me strongly of our culture jam project accompanied by a pink crocheted fence that was they didn’t let us in or didn’t let us out (?), I can’t recall the exact title to be honest. The other work I definitely liked was presented along with a series of videos with audios called Horror story, sadly I didn’t get to write down the artist’s name, but it was a well timed video with a woman telling a story about her crazy uncle and held quite a bit of suspense about it.

Summary of Landscape: The virtual, the actual, the possible exhibition

I’ll admit that this exhibit held one of my favorite pieces, although my favorite pieces are generally accompanied with movement or audio movement, ‘Vanishing point’ was a series of 5 screens that told an abstract narrative with various scenes that relate with each other and text would appear on each screen in a somewhat random to structured to random order that would tell a story and had a voice of its own as if the piece itself were a person thinking back on the curiosities of life then going into a casual apologetic tone. The other piece was by Tsang kin wah ‘ We must draw the line somewhere you know’ text on the floor leading down a small hallway from the landscape exhibit back to alien she, sound that seemed welcoming and gentle, the window showing the street, it was a very light hearted piece.


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