Sharing Time 1

So I’ve decided not just to keep a few things for the future but for personal reference to establish a number of things that may or may not pertain to the assignment that I find in my spare time. Most of the time on Sharing Time posts I post up things I’ve found while researching various things, but from art books that I find at the library, bookstores, and other places for minor reference.

1. Earlier I mentioned a Bacterial electrical current conductor, whichever vague name that came to the top of my head regarding it. The search result that would provide a better idea and more accurate results are Bacterial Nanowires, specifically the article that details the electrical current activity discovered three years ago now with results that pin point, the main cause of that activity are Bacterial nanowires or ‘cable wires’ each bacteria measuring about 1 centimeter long with bundles of insulated wires inside.

For more Information please visit This and Posts Similar To It

2. As I’ve noted and decided to look on my own, I wanted to do a few environment related studies and recalled that from some of my bookmarks I remember saving it for a later story project, however I feel that some others may benefit in a more artistic way.

Ocean Clean Up Array – A 17 Year old student devises an array to remove tons of Plastic from the ocean. Another Link
WaterLife – An extremely informative website that talks about various issues regarding fresh water in our lives
Bamboo Tower– Which creates 25 gallons of drinking water per day from air
Island Powered by Coconuts and Biofuel – The title is self explanatory click the link for the rest of the article.
Was it Worth it? – A series of pictures that show the destructive nature of mining and the tiny amount of metal or precious stones (in comparison to the damage made) that arose from these projects.

3. Other Links I’m starting to regret numbering my links so let’s place the other resources here.
Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk
Good 100
The Pen is Funnier Than the Sword – Political Cartoons
Tomasz Alen Kopera – Artist who makes surreal works
Book Art collection – Basically book sculptures
Jordan Mang-osan – Artist who makes works using the sun and a magnifying glass
Gabriel Dawe – String Theory Sculptures

So on so forth.

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