In Response to “As We May Think” – Vannevar Bush

The future is a concept that many people ponder over, think over, the sheer fact that since the time of Vannevar Bush to the point of now, the advancement of technology, society, humanity in itself has come to a point where if placed into a line of simple sentences one sentence after another, the level of improvement and comfort we have achieved in our lives is frightening. Vannevar Bush was a man who certainly thought ahead of his time, he was a man of the future, he saw human beings advancing, but I suppose even then if he saw people now, it’d go beyond his expectations in a short amount of time.

He talks about typewriters and microphotography, wet photography, the Encyclopedia Britannica being reduced to the mere matchbox size or a library of a million volumes compressed at one end of a desk, the device called a Voder that could record what a person says in another code through a stenotype then retranslates into readable language. All of these things that he talked about, that he said would develop became much more than what was originally predicted to be.

Typewriters? Obsolete, invalid, mere novelties now replaced with keyboards attached to laptops that did not require white out, that would type in straight lines and customizable fonts, where some keyboards would appear as thin as a credit card and rolls up portably to accompany a tablet.

Microphotography, dry photography, wet photography, all pale in comparison to digital photography, adjustable, able to crop, redefine, clearer details, and other additions that those forms of photography did not possess before, now advanced.

Encyclopedia Britannica the size of a matchbox, not just Encyclopedia Britannica, the entire classical library, dictionaries, language classes, as many books as one’s data space allows in a phone, now a reality and able to do much more than just contain books, call, search, play games, things that Vannevar had he been alive today would not have seen coming.

The Voder, a machine that can record what you can say at first in code then understandable language. Three words. Speech to Text. Computers have developed the capability of interpreting human speech and can be adjusted to take in various language quirks and accents.

That aside from talking about the amazing thing about people and human beings in general, this post must move on to the predictions.

#1  Virtual Reality being the precursor to distance and Displaced Reality

That Virtual Reality gives a concept of false reality in another realm, but future technology and the development on Haptic Interfaces can make the Virtual in another setting feel very real, that there are gloves where one can stimulate touch even if you aren’t actually touching it, robots on the moon where people can move around and pick up things, sounds you can hear at a distance and things you can taste or smell by sheer concept. Like a Matrix esque world in a sense only it isn’t in a Virtual space, but rather in another area on the same reality.

#2 Nanobots advancements in health in a pill

As the title states, the idea of nanobots in a pill going into a person’s body to observe and attempt to cure this person of any deadly diseases.

#3 3D printing advancements

Machines either become bigger or smaller, either way it starts to open up more concepts and materials in constructions and development of new buildings through a concept design made into reality, structured and made into something new that wouldn’t normally be capable by human hands or any of our other machines.

Augmented Body Project Notes 1

Before beginning the process of figuring out which to specifically what I want to place on my body as a what if project, it’s noted there are some questions I should place on what basic enhancements I wish to put, what features I found rather interesting to look at rather than to, and finally any final bits and pieces I’d like to add, will I go with something that’s advanced human or abstract away from being human. 

Eyes (Desire for a sharper vision, something that doesn’t require contacts, but to pick which direction I’d go for and will I stop at just a sharper vision or a vision capable of transferring every image I see straight to the memory portion of my brain.) 
Sharper vision could equate to eagle eyes (long distance), Chameleon (To look in more than one direction), Four eyed fish structure (Really it’s two pairs of eyes separated by a band of tissue with each half having a pupil of its own that enable it to see perfectly above and below water.) 

Vision that could transfer information if not to your brain then to your computer or phone, I believe if there’s a way to transfer vision from your eyes through a specialized contact lens for eyes and an button to truly capture the picture which would then send the visual data to something similar to Eyefi Technology which would then transfer that information directly to your computer, or cloud storage. 
Image extractions from the brain to something
Image extractions vid thing yeah


Steel plating over vital areas. Natural built in bulletproof skin (More research later) 


Mannequin joints? Cyber joints? Replace certain weak joints with reinforced yet flexible steel like material? Not completely sure if I want to mess with the joints too much here.

Definitely stronger arms or rather I really want to reinforce wrists so I dont feel as much pain, possibly bionic wrists or wrists of sturdy firm, rubbery material. Note to research on that 
What if Ape arms… No no ape arms. 
Praying Mantis reflexes in arms… 
Spider arms. 

Rockets mini rockets, I’m gonna fly. 

Lego proof. 

Not completely evident in function.

Scanner bed hands, transfers books to computer as pdf files to read later. 
USB fingers
Phone Tattoo
Silcon Silk Electronics

I’ll sort through all this later. 

Michael Christian- Burning Man Sculptures “Home” and “Flock”

At first when I stumbled upon the link that implied the work was a single work, I was curious, what was the Burning Man? Brought to a portfolio of the artist Michael Christian and began my search for the ‘Burning Man’ and did a little more research on what it was. The Burning Man is an art festival that happens annually, which, invites various artists to bring forth their sculptures and to uphold and manifest the 10 values. Michael Christian happens to be one of the participating artists who returns to celebrate the Burning Man. After reestablishing the up to date definition on what the Burning Man is, a return to Michael Christian’s portfolio was in order and a little more indepth Google searching on clearer titles of the works, their meanings, what the artist had to say and some exact scale brought me to come to truly appreciate the pieces in their entirety and the creativity behind each work. Although I would love to elaborate on every single one of his works, this post will only be dedicated to two of his works that I especially found intriguing. 

“Home” is the title of the sculpture, done for the Burning Man back in 2010, a work which captures the sense of belonging, a sense of wonder and excitement and comfort when you look at it, as it rotates, the video portrays multiple individuals gathering around a sphere with light coming from its center when in a dark room, reflects sunlight off of it in the light, and ignites a sense of a home. That this recognizable shape, yet alien structure musters enough familiarity to give a sense of home, that draws viewers towards it. 

Perhaps the shape itself resembles everyday household items, or the shape of an embrace, perhaps it’s the shape of a globe that reminds us and the varied surfaces even if it’s not exactly like our planet’s surface, in a way there’s no doubt that “Home” itself as a sculpture is a very stunning piece that just simply blew me away when I saw it and had a hard time figuring out why I liked it so much.

This is a picture of the artist constructing home, the pictures come from the artist interview page.

The second sculpture that I’d like to talk about is a massive work named Flock as displayed below. 

A behemoth of a work which if you compare to the people below show’s the size comparison although as specified here. Flock measures about 42 ft tall and 30ft in width, made of steel tubes that were bent and welded together and balanced. The interesting part of this piece is that Flock itself does not have a head, but depending on where you were looking, the sun in the sky appears to look like its head, though it’s nothing more than a personal interpretation on my end of how Flock appears to me, that it was a wandering creature who is forced to walk around to create sunrises and sunsets after separating from its herd who like itself had stars like the sun for heads and wander around like such as well. After reading other potential interpretations from the link listed in this paragraph, I found it interesting how many different interpretations others had of the creature while the artist himself admitted that. ” Personally, I find other people’s interpretations more entertaining than anything I could ever create.” As Michael Christian in the next sentence does relay that regardless of the interpretations the overall feeling and meaning of the piece he had initially intended remains. That the piece itself relates to being lost in a large overbearing space by yourself and trying to find your flock and sometimes your flock finds you, as indicated during the 2001 Burning Man event, people ‘flocked’ around the sculpture to gaze at it. 

Which ends my commentary on two of Michael Christian’s works and leaves many more observations and food for thought for another night. 

Jeremy Mayer- Typewriter Sculptures

The surprising thing about these sculptures, for anyone who does metal work, which can be equally surprising for those who do not, is that all of Mayer’s sculptures are neither welded, soldered, or glued. Judging  by the size displayed on Mayer’s portfolio website, these sculptures are about life size in proportion to what they’re based off of and due to the fact that these works are not welded, soldered, or glued together, there must have been quite a bit of planning behind works that only require pure assembly to make sure they stand, do not unravel or fall apart, and to pose certain positions so that they appear dynamic and lifelike despite its exterior evidently being metal. 

The attractive aspect of this work, to all of Mayer’s Typewriter sculptures is that a person can see the amount of care placed into assembling it, that it’s angled and built in a way that can be described as visually appealing in a sort of alien life form like way with animal/human characteristics and you can imagine this kind of thing wandering around on a sci fi setting from some distant universe of robot creatures who’s societies mirror that of our own culture only more. mechanical and freaky. I believe the biggest appeal for me was that this entire series is just eye catching in that way that I can already envision some other place with it while appreciating the level of technique utilized to construct it. 

Link to Mayer’s Portfolio